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Herbal Tea Concentrate Juice


Series for spring and summer-Liang Cha
Series for autumn and winter-Nuan Cha


Raw material - Derived from natural plants.
       Formula - Under the guidance of the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
       Actions -
Liang Cha: Expel wind and disperse pathogenic factors from the superficies, clear away heat and relieve toxin, promote the production of body fluids to quench thirst.
                Nuan Cha:  Benefit qi and nourish the blood, warm the middle-energizer to expel cold, invigorate the spleen and harmonize the stomach.
       Flavors -     With smooth, refreshing and mellow taste
With full-bodied special herbage fragrance


Appearances - A kind of liquid with high liquidity, being allowed to have a few depositions but non-floccules, which is not caused by microorganism and can be dispersed equably when shaking.
       Solubility - Rapidly diffusing in the water of 25 to be pellucid liquor.  
Concentration - 100.5Brix (can be regulated according to our clients demands)
Other physical and chemical & microbiological indices

Arsenic (As) /mg/kg
Plumbum (Pb) /mg/kg
Colony formine unit (cfu/ml)
Fungus & yeast (cfu/ml)
Escherichia coli
Must not be found
pathogenic bacterium
Must not be found

Package - Aseptic bag packaging (20kg or 25kg/bag or can be regulated according to clients demands)
(6)Expiration - 6 months (if stored at temperature of 2桫10).
Number of food hygiene licence - XFHL [2007] 430000-000002


Raw material standard- Materials are strictly selected according to sensory guidance, <Chinese Pharmacopoeia> or industry standard to control heavy metal and pesticide leftover contents, etc.
     Finished product standard- Our quality control center check on all the indices of finished products including appearance, flavor, concentration and so on, and strictly control the microorganism contents to insure the stability of each production.




 Food manufacturing industry
Beverage: liang cha, fruit juice, acidophilus milk, low calories drinks, etc.
        Our concentrate can be diluted into finished beverage directly, and also can be added as one of the ingredients to develop new low calories drinks, or added into fruit juice as an additive, or a condiment to improve flavor.
Our concentrate can be supplemented to all kinds of ices such as ice cream, milk ice and water ice, etc. Specially fit for low calories ices-developing. 
Baking food: biscuits, bread, chips, etc.
Our concentrate can be used as a food additive to develop new baking food and puffed food with the characters of healthy, non-causing excessive inner heat and low calories.
Sweets: candy, chocolate and gum, etc.
Our concentrate can be used to develop new kinds of cooling, low calories sweets with special and new tastes.
     Catering industry
Our concentrate can be diluted into finished drinks directly and transmitted in catering such as restaurants, hot pot restaurants and take-away drinks shop, etc.




(10Brix concentrate is as the recommended additive)
Liang Cha       Our concentrate can be diluted to 0.20.4 Brix directly with sugar  added to 77.5Brix.(Also can be regulated according to clients demands)
Other kinds of beverages  14
Baking food     1%4(also can be added according to clients demands)

        Sweets         1%4(also can be added according to clients demands ) 

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