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GinovaTM Pure Ginkgo Biloba Extract

GinovaTM Pure Ginkgo Biloba Extract
Not like most Chinese manufacturers who use Macroporous Resin Absorption Technology in producing Ginkgo Biloba Extract, we apply a unique process route in which hybrid solvents are used to extract the active ingredients in Ginkgo Biloba leaves and then the solvents are appropriately removed. Therefore, our GinovaTM Pure Ginkgo Biloba Extract is free of resin residual and solvent residual, which are believed to be hazardous to human health.
Our proprietary production process can not only enhance the yield rate of the conventional compoumds, like flavonoids and terpene lactones, but also creatively enables 6-Hydroxykynurenic acid (6-HKA), a very important active ingredient for anti-Alzheimer's disease, to be concentrated.
GinovaTM Pure Ginkgo Biloba Extract is in full compliance with various standards including CP2010, USP34 and EP 7.0.  

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