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Quality Control System

The Novanat Quality System is based on:





Ø       The Novanat Quality System ensures that all manufacturing, control and packaging processes comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices cGMP

Ø       Novanat is approved by the FDA and by the Ministry of Health of The People’s Republic of China. Customers such as international food companies may also conduct their own audits


Detect Ability

1  Test Active Ingredient in product.

2  Test Cu, Pb, As, and Cd.

3  Test Pesticides Residues

4  Test Bacteria ( like total Plate Count, Total Yeast & Mold, E. Coli, Staphylococcus        etc. )

5  Test Organics Solvent Residues


Material Control

1 audit supplier

         We audit material supplier, and control the heavy metal and pesticide residue


2 material test

         sensor test

         content test

         moisture, immerse ratio

         heavy metal

         pesticide residue, termly test by Tea quality inspection and Supervision Center”


Manufacture Control

1  There are product SOP and equipment SOP

2  Train all employee

3  Technical department inspect and guide when manufacture

4  QA check and sampling when manufacture


Product Test

1  test content, moisture,  ash.

2  test microbiology

3  sensor test

4  test heavy metal

5  Test 172 pesticide residue by sino-analytica (which pass UKAS) according EU vegetable standard.   











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