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API    products list

l         Artemisinin

Ø       Features:

High purity with good stability. Well pellucid and clear. Low related substances.

Be proved up to the standards of famous international pharmaceutical companies

The Quality control is internationally according to cGMP and Q7A.

Ø       Pharmacological Effects:

1. Treat malaria 2. Anti-cancer

Ø       Application:




l         TeanovaTM EGCG 90

Ø       Features:

High purity EGCG with very high anti-oxidation. Natural & Safe.

All the process just use the pure water and grain alcohol as safe solvent. Low pesticide residue being proved up to the standard of Europe Union and Japan.

Ø       Pharmacological Effects:

1. Weight Control 2. Anti-cancer 3. Lowering Cardiovascular System Risk

4. Liver Protective  5. Skin Health

Ø       Application

Nutritional Ingredients / API / Cosmetics



l         Resveratrol (Giant Knotweed Extract)

Ø       Features:

Light color. Little impurities. Good solubility.

Ø       Pharmacological Effects:

1. Anti-oxidation 2. Lowering Cardiovascular System Risk 

Ø       Application

Nutritional Ingredients / API


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