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1. Name of Position: Regional Manager of Domestic Sales
Number of recruit: 1-2
          1. To fulfill the task of regional sales and recover the payment in time and safely.
          2. To coordinate with different departments and follow up and accelerate the completion of  the sales contract.
          3. To help with collecting, managing and analysis of the market information.
         1. College degree or above, with biology, chemistry, food or relative major.
         2. 2 years or above of sales experience of food or health product raw material.
         3. Willing to travel.
2. Name of Position: Research Engineer (Herbal Extract)
Number of recruit: 1-2
        1. Devoting to the development of herbal extract related new products and new technology and can provide thoughts, opinions and suggestions actively.
        2. To review, organize, and summarize domestic and international literature of herbal extract related technology and products.
        3. Accept and process the detailed plan and procedure of relative research.
        4. Commit to the research, improvement and further research of technologies in lab test and pilot test of herbal extract.
        5. To support the sales and provide solutions to customer-related technical issues.
        6. To finish the technical summary of related researches.
        1. Bachlor degree or above, with pharmacy, Chinese materia medica chemistry or relative major.
        2. Solid background of English and chemistry. Strong practical ability prefered.
        3. Good expression and logical thinking ability.

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