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Leading Position
•     Leading manufacturer of botanical extracts in China
•     Pioneer and market leader of tea extracts in China
•     Selected as key enterprise of China agriculture industry
•   Key  Member of  China Drafting Committee of Botanical Extracts Standards for Exports
•     Vice Chairman of China Botanical Extracts Association
Nine ¡°First¡± In Tea
Ø       FIRST tea extracts standards for exports & imports in China
Ø       FIRST API using GTP-70 as raw material declared by FDA
Ø       FIRST tea extracts trademark in China - ¡°Teanova¡±
Ø       FIRST industrialization separation and purifying of natural L-theanine in China
Ø       FIRST most safest concept of green tea extracts illustrated in China -¡°Teanova 80 (Ethyl Acetate Free)¡±
Ø       FIRST sole manufacturer of ¡°De-Flavor green tea extracts¡± in the world
Ø       FIRST natural F-rich (NLT 3000ppm) Fuzhuan brick tea extracts supplier in China
Ø       FIRST only one of Key Enterprise of China Agriculture Industry with the tea extracts as the dominating category
Ø       FIRST industrialization producing of all of the catechins monomers in China

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