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    3 Key Points of TeanovaTM

l         Extracted with water and grain alcohol only

l      Chloroform Free

l         Irradiation Free


TeanovaTM Green Tea Catechins:

Green Tea Catechins 80% (Polyphenols>98% Catechins>80%, EGCG>60%, Caffeine<0.5%)

Green Tea Catechins 70% (Polyphenols>95% Catechins>70%, EGCG>50%, Caffeine<6%)

(customized specification available upon your request)


              High anti-oxidation and high safety quality make TeanovaTM Green Tea Catechins perfect weight control and anti-cancer ingredients in health care products as well as API. Being a similar price to traditional tea extracts makes it economical.


 TeanovaTM Green Tea EGCG:


Green Tea EGCG 90%/ 95%

(Caffeine<0.1%, customized specification available upon your request)


             TeanovaTM Green Tea EGCG is a perfect natural and safe weight control ingredient, it also has other pharmacological effects such as anti-cancer, anti-aging, liver protection, skin health, can be used as health care supplement, API, or cosmetic ingredient.



TeanovaTM 20% Natural L-Theanine:


Green Tea Natural L-Theanine

 (Theanine>20%, Caffeine<0.5%)


            TeanovaTM 20% Natural L-Theanine is a kind of new natural & safe sedative and has strong pharmacological effects on depression, anxiety, learning ability and memory. It can be used as a health care supplement as well as an API. Also, the special fragrance and taste of theanine makes it a good flavor ingredient in beverage.





       Extracted with water and grain alcohol only

      De-colored, De-flavored

      Low Bitterness

      Heat Resistant


NovatasyTM 60 (Polyphenols>80%, Catechins>60%, Caffeine<1%)

NovatasyTM 90 (Polyphenols>98%, Catechins>90%, Caffeine<1%) 


             NovatasyTM Tea Extract is a perfect ingredient for beverages and functional foods due to its good flavor of low bitterness of green tea as well as having a high polyphenol contents. Novatasy also provides natural pharmacological effects like anti-oxidation and immunity improvement.


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